A cheerful second to Midspot’s Ubuntu post

Jon Barnhardt has posted his “Top Ten Reasons to use Ubuntu”. I cheefully concur. While not as technically savvy as Mr. Barnhardt, I have also successfully installed Ubuntu 6.06 in a dual boot environment with Windows XP Professional. I’m very pleased, generally. I’m moderately frustrated because I can’t print. My wife’s color laser printer is a Minolta 2300 DL for which there are no readily available Linux drivers. This is hardly the Ubuntu development team’s fault though. And I haven’t always been terribly successful in getting connected to my DSL modem that doubles as a wireless router.

Others don’t necessarily agree with Mr. Barnhardt, or I suppose with me then for that matter. Two comments to Mr. Barnhardt’s post expressed such disagreement. I was bothered by the comments, not so much because they disagreed but because of the tone. It seemed, to me anyway, to be less than civil. Disagreement can be a vital and necessary part of conversation; it’s what helps us question our own assumptions and either defend them or abandon them when they are shown to be inaccurate. Disagreement can be civil though. As for one poster’s criticism of Ubuntu’s default wallpaper (which I find relatively soothing and warm myself, a nice departure from Windows’ bright, cartoonesque appearance), perhaps he could visit “Ubuntu is on my head” over at Teenage tantrums 😉


2 Responses to “A cheerful second to Midspot’s Ubuntu post”

  1. midspot Says:

    Thanks Mike for the kind words. I also saw the somewhat disruptive tone but have come to accept it in the blogosphere of late. Everyone is trying to make a name for themselves and this is not the way to do it…

  2. mikebro Says:

    My pleasure. I would *much* rather see people make a name by posting useful, helpful information, like your top ten list. 🙂 Now, to see if I can find a Ubuntu user group in Utah… 😉

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