Orion XT6, a waxing moon and Jupiter

So I got this telescope for my birthday; a gift from my wife and daughters. I am no astronomer, and star-hopping is a difficult skill to learn for this terrestrially-directionally-challenged old man. But tonight the moon is waxing, and though it was low in the west, it was nicely visible from our yard.

I quickly pulled the Orion XT6 outside, discovered the moon in the finder scope, and looked through the 10mm eyepiece. It was a wonderful site. The moon was setting quickly though, so I looked for something else to observe. There was a very bright object slightly north and east of the moon. I had no idea what it was, but acquired it in the finder scope, then looked through the eyepiece: there was Jupiter and four moons. My wife and daughters came out; everyone looked. All the appropriate oohs and ahhs were uttered. It was very cool.


One Response to “Orion XT6, a waxing moon and Jupiter”

  1. Phil Says:

    I’ll also attest to the XT6’s capabilities. I bought it this week as a second “grab and go” scope to use when I don’t want to set up my LX200. It’s an amazing little scope and is great for the family and nosey neighbors!!! I also took some photos of the moon through it which came out quite well, a testament to decent optics.

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