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Salt Lake City main library

September 28, 2006

This is really kind of an interesting experience. I’m taking a little time from work this morning and hanging out at the Main Library in Salt Lake. The lobby is open; the library itself isn’t open until 9 AM. The interesting thing is the number of people sitting at the tables in the lobby waiting for the doors to open.

There are probably 25 to 30 people waiting; much like the lines that you can see at the Family History Library owned by the LDS Church. And yet very different. Those waiting here seem to be mostly male, mostly carrying lots of bags, mostly I would say homeless. The library seems to be a place for the homeless to congregate in Salt Lake.

I suppose it makes sense. The library is a public place. They can stay as long as they want as long as they behave themselves. It’s warm and sheltered. A number of inexpensive places to eat are nearby (yes, the homeless buy hamburgers at Burger King).

People are getting up from their seats and lining up in front of the door which has just now opened. A lot of people seem to be heading straight to the public computer terminals. While the homeless have no physical address, I suppose they can have a presence on the ‘Net as easily as anyone else. And games. So many games. So many ways to pass the time when there seems to be nothing else to do in life except roam the streets asking people for spare change. So many ways to lose yourself in another world and maybe forget the difficulties of this world.


What do we mean by patriotism?

September 11, 2006

What do we mean by patriotism in the context of our times? I venture to suggest what we mean is a sense of national responsibility…a patriotism which is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.

Adlai Stevenson