Planning ahead…

Perhaps the human race can look past the present and contemplate the future. Not only that, but it can do it in a constructive way.

The Norwegian government will build the Svalbard International Seed Vault “to safeguard the world’s agriculture from future catastrophes….” The collection will be maintained by the Global Crop Diversity Trust. See the story at the BBC.


2 Responses to “Planning ahead…”

  1. Uncle Pedro Says:

    Boy, I just hope they don’t put “Morning Glory” in there… cuz whoa, in like 100 years there won’t be a tough enough clipper to prune that beast back… Nope, they should stick to good ol’ fashioned GM drought/pest/herbicide resistant plants, like Tomato with a salmon gene, and Corn with a firefly gene… Future generations will be like, “Holy crap, these guys had WAY too much time on their hands… How do you even begin to trick a corn-plant into ‘gettin it on’ with a firefly?” or maybe, “Man, they had some REALLY confused Salmon back then…”
    k, sorry Mike, I’ll stop monopolizing your blog now…

  2. mikebro Says:

    I have fallen to the floor in hysterical laughter… Must get up… Must… get… up…. Nope. Can’t do it… ROTFL

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