Senator Clinton, planted question, and what we should expect of candidates

Senator Clinton’s campaign has been accused of planting at least one question at a rally in Iowa. See the story at the BBC’s web site at this address:

Senator Clinton states, as reported in the story, that “It was news to me and neither I nor my campaign approve of that, and it will certainly not be tolerated.” I am glad that she does not approve of question planting. The practice is dishonest. It does not give us an accurate view of the candidate in an extemporaneous situation. It’s only purpose is to provide another venue for the candidate’s rhetoric.

I wish that she had said one more thing about this incident. I wish that she had said that while she didn’t know about the plant, and while she didn’t approve of the plant, that she was responsible for the actions of her campaign and her campaign staff in trying to further her cause. I think she needed to say that. Perhaps it’s harsh to believe that the good senator should accept responsibility for something that a campaign worker did under personal initiative. Nevertheless, the candidate is responsible for setting the direction of the campaign and for establishing the values under which the campaign will operate. At least, that’s my view.

The candidate should be ensuring that the campaign knows, among other things, that fundamental principles of fairness, justice, and honesty are to be followed. The candidate needs to set the example and the campaign workers need to follow it. We need examples of strong character, of willingness to take responsibility. We need these examples not only in our presidents but also in our candidates.


One Response to “Senator Clinton, planted question, and what we should expect of candidates”

  1. Uncle Pedro Says:

    Mike, Mike, Mike… My brother from another mother…

    Let’s look at a little more of this story… Ms. Gallo-Chasanoff alleged that the aide brought her a notebook full of questions, and she chose the one about global warming… This implies that this not a unique situation. (I think that, absent evidence to the contrary, it’s reasonable to presume that willing hosts were sought for the other questions, as well. Just a hunch.) Now, one could chalk this up to coincidence, but Hillary DID call on the girl for her question, right? Does it tax one’s credulity, to imagine that she chose that one girl, and had a nicely canned response to her question (which explicitly targeted her demographic), by sheer act of coincidence.

    I believe that Hillary (and her handlers) are, pretty much, just like almost every other politician out there. She’ll bend and break any rule she thinks she can get away with, to get ahead. These people, not just Hillary (by any stretch of the imagination), closet so many skeletons, it’s a wonder that all life on earth hasn’t come to an end, due to a massive global calcium deficiency. Wait a minute, that’s not bad… How can we spin this into a reason to raise taxes, and move the world deeper under the thumb of a, seemingly evil, global corporatacracy…

    I believe that Ms. Gallo-Chasanoff named the creeping zeitgeist, very well when she said, “I’m, maybe, a little bit jaded about our political system…” To which I respond, “not nearly jaded enough, apparently.”

    All said, I applaud you for giving our lovely Mrs. Clinton the benefit of the doubt… You’re very kind. 🙂

    *Nothing in the preceding comentary should be construed as libelous… All statements made are presented as opinion and, only where applicable, undeniable historical fact…*

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